Launching PolkaInsure Deflationary Farming

PolkaInsure launches the next phase in our roadmap: Deflationary Farming.

What is Deflationary Farming?

  • From decentralized finance products including: PolkaInsure protocol when it becomes live. Deflationary Farming does not mint any new token, but trying to provide high APY through different sources (both internally and externally).

What’s launched in the current Deflationary Farming of PolkaInsure:

  • Every transaction has 2% transaction fees. The fees are collected and distributed proportionally to all users who farm in the deflationary farming. The more trading volume on Uniswap, the more rewards farmers can receive.

When rewards from PolkaInsure protocol?

  • As in our roadmap, PolkaInsure and Deflationary Farming will be expected to migrate to Polkadot. Along with Shield mining, Deflationary Farming will still earn rewards for farmers through the PolkaInsure protocol.

Is liquidity locked?

What are available Farms at Launch:


What is expected APY?

  • The expected total APY from all farms is 800–1500 %
  • The APY also highly depends on the farmed liquidity and the value of PIS token.

When can you withdraw PIS rewards from the farms:

  • Whenever there is a transfer transaction
  • Whenever there is a trade on uniswap
  • Whenever there is any PIS compaign.
  • Whenever there is any activity with the PIS token.

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