As we are waiting for Moonbeam upgrading to mainnet, we migrate PolkaInsure to Binance Smart Chain.

We will use BurgerSwap Protocol to migrate PIS from ERC20 of Ethereum to bPIS on BEP-20 of Binance SmartChain (BSC). BurgerSwap bridge is only used for migrating PIS from ERC20 to BEP-20 bPIS (Binance SmartChain)

The SmartContract of PolkaInsure on Binance Smartchain is: 0x5e0bb3ec41fd0a01da072554d7bf8f83df6377fb

A part of Liquidity on Ethereum will be migrated to provide initial liquidity on PanCakeSwap of BSC. On this occasion 5000 PIS = 5000 bPIS will be allocated for Liquidity Mining program of PolkaInsure on BSC.

From 15 March 2021:

PIS holders can migrate PIS to bPIS and vice verse using BurgerSwap Protocol

PIS stakers and Farmers on Ethereum can withdraw liquidity from farming and staking pool to migrate to BSC.

Liquidity Mining program will start on 20 March 2021

PolkaInsure launches the next phase in our roadmap: Deflationary Farming.

What is Deflationary Farming?

In simple terms, Deflationary Farming is Farming PIS to earn PIS even without minting any new PIS token.

In longer terms, Farming is a way of attracting liquidity addition from users. If you look at most of farming projects in…

The Next Generation of DeFi Insurance Protocol powered by Polkadot Ecosystem

What is PolkaInsure

As the name implies, PolkaInsure is a decentralized P2P insurance marketplace on Polkadot Ecosystem powered by Polkadot Ecosystem. The protocol aims:

to be one of the first pioneering protocols offering coverage for DeFi projects running on Polkadot Ecosystem.



The pioneering insurance protocol for Polkadot Ecosystem

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